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We Specialize in Scrap Metal Services!

MRC purchase scrap metals at our Marietta facility. We buy from Individuals, Construction Sites, Business, Industry, and Government. Please call us for a quote today on your metal recycling needs. We are a top premium metal recycling buyer in the Atlanta area.

Marietta Recycling is one of the premier recycling centers in the metro Atlanta area. Servicing our area since 2007 six days a week. Marietta Recycling helps businesses and individuals reach their recycling goals.

Our services begin with metal materials. Here are few examples of items you may not of known we accept…magnetic ferrous metals including steel and iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper. We offer you top dollar for your scrap metals based on the daily market prices and the condition of the scrap metal. Our goal is to provide the most value for your recycled scrap metal, accepting scrap metal that contains no rubber or wood.

We provide Recycling Containers, Dumpsters and Roll Off services to make it easy for Atlanta area businesses and construction sites to recycle valuable scrap metals like aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

Our aim is to provide an efficient recycling service for our customers to make it easy to recycle, rather than placing these items in a land fill. Here at Marietta Recycling, we operate on three simple principles. We encourage all metro Atlanta residents to buy goods that can be recycled and buy/reuse recycle-ready material as often as possible. Finally, we focus on the element of recycling by being one of the premier recycling services in the southeast.

MRC is now accepting electronics, please call 770-425-6600 for details

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